Terms and Conditions

  1. General

Graystone Auto Parts Online website is run by:

Greystone Trading 1305 cc

2. Acceptance of Terms

2.1 Graystone Auto Parts Online permits the use of this website subject to the “Terms and Conditions”. By using this website in any way, you shall be deemed to have accepted all the Terms and Conditions unconditionally. Do not use this website if you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions.

3. Products

3.1 Products sold by the company GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS, are destined to people and companies. Shipping will have to take place in the client’s country of residence.

3.2 The types of products sold on the GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS website are exclusively new products. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE does not sell used products. The characteristics of the products presented on the website can change over time. The pictures of the products are non-binding. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS does not accept any responsibility for any errors and omissions on this website.

3.3 Given the specificity and the highly technical nature of products sold by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE , the client is expected to strictly adhere to the instructions and recommendations concerning safety and reliability. This includes use (vehicle, inflation, pressure, speed rating and load index etc), mounting and storage of the product. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE is in no way liable for poorly mounted tyres or other products by third party or damage caused by use under abnormal conditions.

3.4 No stock.

Considering the important volume of daily order processing, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE does not guarantee absolute availability of products and services ordered. In case of no stock, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will contact the client at its earliest convenience in order to suggest a change of reference (stock) or a cancellation. In case of an order modification, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will adjust the amount (overdue/due) according to the new reference (stock) chosen and will confirm the modified order by email. In the event that the Online Shopper has already paid for his order, and stock had become unavailable, for any reason whatsoever, prior to & after the payment of said order being confirmed, due to sell out, availability or any other valid reason or reasons, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE, shall refund the online shopper at full order value,via EFT.

4. Order

4.1 Order Registration. Orders must be placed on the sales site on GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE. The site on which the order is placed must be that applying to the tax invoice address, residence and customer delivery country.

4.2 Order confirmation

Order confirmation will be sent within 24 hours of registration of the order, by automatic email, to the email address supplied by the customer.


Orders are processed only after receipt of payment and crediting funds in the amount stated on the invoice. Any order, for which payment is not made within seven days of receipt by the customer of the order confirmation, will be automatically cancelled.


4.3 Order modification

Information supplied by the customer, when placing the order, is binding. In the event of an error in the wording of the email address or recipients details, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE cannot be held liable for its inability to confirm the order or make delivery. No change of delivery address for the package(s) can be taken into account, once it has been paid for and intransit. The customer may, however, at his own risk, request a change of delivery address from the transport company. In that case, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE cannot be held responsible for any delivery error or loss of the package(s) by the transport company.

No modification of the order details (size, make, profile, invoicing or delivery address) is possible after receipt of payment by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE.

In the event of an error in one of these mentioned details, the customer must contact the GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE customer service, using the contact form which indicates the procedure and conditions for cancellation and reimbursement of the order. (See Withdrawal and Cancellation)


4.4 Refusal of order processing

GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE reserves the right to refuse any order from a client for legitimate reasons.

4.5 Back orders.  GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE are willing to place any product, not currently available, on back order. This facility is available once a minimum of 50% deposit is paid and received. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will confirm this back order after a firm order has been placed. Pricing differential of the back ordered part/s will be advised if any price increase has been implemented on these part/s and the difference outstanding to be paid on stock arrival at GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE and prior to delivery to the online customer.

5. Price and payment

5.1 Prices given on the website of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE are expressed in South African Rand.

5.2 GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE has the right to modify its prices according to supply and demand without prior notice. The price to pay is the price as of the date of order. (conditions apply)

5.3 Payment by credit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards. For security reason, we do not accept cheques as a form of payment. If you do not have a credit card please utilize one of the other payment options, or simply log off and return to the site at a later time to complete your order.

5.4  Payment by bank Transfer (E.F.T) Electronic Funds Transfer.

The client should refer to the “Payment Information” section to obtain the banking details for GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE. The order will not be considered valid until GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE’s bank has received confirmed payment. (Allow 3 to 4 business days excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays for transfers)

Orders are processed only after corresponding payment is received. Any order for which payment is not received within 7 days will be automatically cancelled.

Shipping & Delivery

Subject to the CPA, and although GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will endeavour to deliver the products according to the client’s requirements, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will not be bound to such delivery requirements and accordingly GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for failure or delay in delivery.

The shipping address communicated by the client must be in the same country as the invoice address, which must be the client’s country of residence.

6.1 Shipping cost, where applicable, is calculated from the client’s delivery address and added to the tax invoice.

6.1.2 Export & Recipient Import Duties & Tax’s Payable. 

Note must be taken that when exporting goods out of South Africa, import duties and taxes and other related charges may be payable by the Online Shopper (recipient of goods). It is the responsibility of the Online Shopper (recipient) to confirm with their respective countries authorities, all costs that may be payable to their local countries import authorities, before release of goods to themselves. Please note that Graystone Auto Parts will NOT accept any responsibility nor entertain any responsibility for any and all foreign country import duties, taxes, customs or other storage charges and / or any other related charges imposed prior to delivery or collection by the recipient / online shopper of delivered order, for whatever reason whatsoever.

6.2  Late delivery.

Delivery time ranges from three (3) to five (5) business days, excluding Saturday, Sunday & public holidays, and is given as an estimate only. Consequently, a longer delivery time can in no way result in rebates or cancellation of orders.


6.3  Partial delivery.(Refer para 6.6)

In case of missing products at the time of delivery, the client must make mention of this in writing on the delivery receipt provided by the delivery person. The client must then immediately inform the Customer services of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE of his/her concerns by using the appropriate contact form or by telephone, within 7 (seven) days after delivery.



If nothing is indicated or noted on the delivery receipt at time of delivery, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will not take any complaint into consideration.


6.4 Damaged products or non-matching to order products. (Refer para 6.6)

In the case of damaged or non-matching products received, the client has the right to refuse delivery and must make mention of this in writing on the delivery receipt provided by the delivery person. Should the client accept the delivery, the client must make note of the complaint on the delivery receipt supplied by the delivery person. The client has 7 (seven) days to fully check the merchandise and make claim to customer service of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE of his/her concerns by using the Contact form, or telephone.

It is mandatory that the client check his product himself before signing the waybill in the presence of the delivery company driver. In the case of mistake in the product shipped, product will not be taken back or refunded AFTER mounting/fitting.

GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE is committed to take back free of charge unfitted, undamaged products or non-matching products and will ship new products in the best possible deadline, subject to notification in writing made on the delivery/waybill of such damage.


6.5 It is the sole responsibility of the client to check that products supplied are the same as products ordered. In view of the diversity of tyre sizes fitted to all makes and models of vehicles, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE cannot & will not be held responsible for incorrect ordered tyre sizes by the client and or any consequential vehicle damage caused thereby, if the ordered tyre size is the same as the correct tyre size supplied and correctly delivered.


6.6 Loss of consignment of goods. (Refer para 6.7)

If delivery has not occurred within 5 days after receipt of payment and confirmation thereof, the client must inform the customer service of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE by using the appropriate contact form.

A claim will then be filed with the transport company in order to establish the reason for lateness or non delivery.

Different case scenarios:

– Transport company does not find the shipping address or does not have the shipping address any longer.

Solution:- GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE transmits the complete address to the transport company. Parcel will be delivered within 48 to 72 hours.

A full online tracking facility is now available.

– The goods are not traceable. The transport company files a claim which can take up to 10 business days.

Solution:- If the goods are found, they will be shipped to the client. If goods are lost, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE proceeds to a new shipment or a refund of the order, subject to insurance being taken out by the client, according to the client’s instructions.

6.7 Delivery Insurance – Waiver & Indemnity.  (Goods in transit). Graystone Auto Parts Online  will not be held responsible for any or all lost goods in transit by their courier company. In the unlikely event of goods being lost, stolen or damaged whilst in transit.

Refund & Return Policy

Should you, for any reason, wish to cancel your purchase, after delivery has been made, you will be liable for a 10% handling fee of the products supplied only. You must advise us in writing of your cancellation and any such cancellation must be signed by the person who made the original purchase. The goods must be returned undamaged to us or our supplier, and must be insured, both at your cost, with all accessories supplied, in the original packaging within 14 calendar days. No credit will be passed on original delivery charges and insurance, if opted for. Free delivery items and insurance, if returned after delivery, will attract delivery charges to and from your designated address plus re-packaging charges from the manufacturer. These charges will be advised as and when applicable.

A maximum of a 5% handling fee or minimum of R 250.00 will be deducted off the original amount paid if goods have not been delivered prior to cancellation of order. This is basically the recovery of bank charges levied against Graystone Auto Parts for credit card and/or EFT transactions, plus incidental recovery cost of phone calls, SMS correspondence, etc

Thereafter, all approved monetary refunds will be processed via EFT after confirmation of banking details are obtained, in writing, from the original purchaser only.

* Note:  If original delivery was made by our appointed courier company, Graystone Auto Parts recommends that you use the same courier services for all returns as it offers shipment tracking through a 24 hours online customer helpline. Should you choose to use a carrier that does not offer a tracking facility and the goods are lost then no refund or return will be considered. Return costs will be for the purchasers account paid direct to our courier company (or any other courier company) prior to collection for return. Insurance, on all returned goods from the original purchaser, must be taken out. Failure to do so will invalidate any claim should goods on return delivery be damaged.

7.1 Proprietorship

Any product shipped to client remains the property of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE until fully paid for.

Withdrawal & Cancellation


The client has 7 (seven) days to withdraw or cancel the transaction after delivery.The withdrawal must be transmitted with full explanation for withdrawal by using the appropriate contact form, registered mail address to GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE, Unit 3, Tygerberg Junction, Junction Road, Parow Industrial, Cape Town, 7493, South Africa.

8.1 Deadline for withdrawal

The client has 7 (seven) days to retract starting from the day the delivery notice was signed by the client.

GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will exchange or reimburse the client any product returned within this time frame, minus the return transportation fees.


8.2 Return of products

Arrangement for pick up and return of the products by the shipping company will be made by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE only. The client cannot ship products back him/herself.


8.3 Refund

Return fee (client will be advised the exact amount) per unit item, to be paid by the client, therefore the actual return fee charged to GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will be deducted from the total refunded by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE. This will include refunds conducted on initial free delivery to the online client. Products delivered free cannot be returned free of shipping charges. Products may be returned or exchanged only If they are in their original new and unfitted condition. (Also refer to Refunds & returns policy for further details)

Deadline for refund

Refund, less return fee, will occur within 15 business days after the products are returned to our premises. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE reserves the right to inspect the returned products to ensure that they are in the same new condition as they were prior to delivery to the client.

Refund details

The refund of orders paid by credit card will be made on the used credit card.

The refund of orders paid by bank transfer – EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) will be made by bank transfer.

GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE must be informed, by client, to confirm banking details for refund.

Product Warranty

GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE is committed to exchanging any defective product reported within the standard 7 day time limit:

  1. The defect is noted at time of delivery. At that point, the client has 7 (seven) business days starting from the delivery date to inform customer services of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE.
  2. The defect is noted during mounting, which has to take place 7 (seven) business days at the latest after delivery.
  3. If the fitment centre or garage has had the components in their possession for over seven business days, deformation, contamination or damage during this period, will not be considered a valid reason for complaint.

Should any product become defective through normal usage and within the specified warranty period as stipulated by the manufacturer, the client must contact GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE using the contact form quoting their invoice number, proof of where fitment was conducted and explanation details of the suspected defective part. On receipt of the details, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE will forward these details to the relative manufacturer who will deal with the relevant issue.

Please note: No warranty or guarantee, supplied by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE, on purchased components by the client and fitted to client’s vehicle, may be passed on, by the client, should the vehicle in possession of the client be sold or disposed of.

Monthly Product Specials.

Any and all monthly price specials on offer are based on a first come first served basis. Most monthly specials are time limited offers and whilst stock lasts only. E&OE.

Cookie/Tracking Technology

The Site may use cookie and tracking technology depending on the features offered. Cookie and tracking technology are useful for gathering information such as browser type and operating system, tracking the number of visitors to the Site, and understanding how visitors use the Site. Cookies can also help customize the Site for visitors. Personal information cannot be collected via cookies and other tracking technology; however, if you previously provided personally identifiable information, cookies may be tied to such information. Aggregate cookie and tracking information may be shared with third parties.

Third Party Links

In an attempt to provide increased value to our Users, we may provide links to other websites or resources. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and do not endorse and are not responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for the privacy practices or the content (including misrepresentation or defamatory content) of such websites, including (without limitation) any advertising, products or other materials or services on or available from such websites or resources, nor for any damage, loss or offence caused or alleged to be caused by, or in connection with, the use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on such external sites or resources.

Legal Information

9.1  Collecting and selling personal data.

Information supplied and communicated by clients are destined to the sole use of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE which will have to transmit all or part of the information to its business partner with the aim of order processing, order shipping or providing service to its clients.

Personal data collected by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE shall not be sold, shared or communicated to external contacts for advertising purposes.

The client has the right at any time to access and modify his/her personal nominal data by contacting us.


9.2 Dispute management and applicable law.

These terms and conditions are governed by South African law, the RMI and the Consumer Protection Act, and guidance and adherence to this act. In the event of a dispute, the client should immediately contact the customer service of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE in order to reach an amicable solution. Should an amicable solution be impossible, all disputes or contentions arising from contracts between GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE and the client will be turned over to the appropriate legal authority.


9.3 Legal validity.

If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.


9.4 GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE notifies the users that the content of its website is protected by legislation on copyright. It includes photographs, articles, drawing. Any copying or representation of all or part of this website by any means whatsoever, without the express of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE is prohibited.

All images, texts and graphic elements used without consent of GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE may be prosecuted. In any event, GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE is in no way responsible in any way for the content and the products or services offered on the website where GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE would be linked by hypertext links or any other type of link. GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE has no control over these websites and accepts no liability regarding access, content or use of these websites, which includes damages which may result.


9.5 GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE expressly forbids the use of any program intended to aspirate the contents of the website except for search engines and robots formally authorised by GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE.

The user also undertakes not to use programs that could create unreasonable overload and disrupt the functioning of the website. Any fraudulent intrusion on the GRAYSTONE AUTO PARTS ONLINE website content and / or of its database in whole or part may be prosecuted as stipulated by law.


9.6 Availability and termination

We will use reasonable endeavours to maintain the availability of this Website, except during scheduled maintenance periods, and reserve the right to discontinue providing the Website or any part thereof with or without notice to you.

The Company may in its sole discretion modify, suspend or terminate the website, with or without notice to you. You agree that the company will not be liable to you in any event that it chooses to modify, suspend or terminate this website.