We promise...

Price Match Promise

At GrayStone Auto Parts, we're dedicated to giving you the best parts and accessories at the lowest prices. In fact, we're confident that you won't find car parts for less anywhere on the web.

Many people would have you believe that to get the best parts for your car, you have to pay the highest prices – but not us.

Here at Graystoneautoparts.co.za, we supply quality parts and accessories at low prices. As part of our Price Match Promise, we guarantee that we’ll beat or match the price of any product you find for less elsewhere.

If you do find the same product for less anywhere else on the web, please make a note of the brand, part number, and the website on which it is advertised. Please then call us on (021) 629-8399, or email us at info@graystoneautoparts.co.za

We try our very best to match the price of every product. However, we reserve the right not to do so under certain conditions.

Authorby Steven GrayStone – CEO